Remember, an argument, as we are thinking of it in terms of its


Remember, an argument, as we are thinking of it in terms of its rhetorical definition, is the major thing that you are trying to convince someone of. This may require them to act differently from how they currently act (including not acting at all), and/or to believe something different from what they currently think (or don’t know about at all). More than 2 pages.

Then, identify the target audiences of each. Remember, the clues for target audience to look for are:
– things they can relate to or identify with
– things they care about
– things they’re capable of influencing

Give examples of the clues that indicate who you think the target audiences are. Use quotes.

Using quotes: I am looking for direct evidence of where the authors say the things that you identify as the arguments and audiences. You can paraphrase and/or summarize to describe what you think the argument to be, but I want you to point out things in the text that support that idea.