Sexual issues with cultural controversies from the required


Sexual Issues With Cultural Controversies

From the required readings, identify four sexual issues with cultural controversies that relate to your personal interests or your future work. Explain why you selected these issues. In sufficient detail, describe the cultural controversies associated with these issues. Remember to support your post by incorporating the assigned resources into your response.

Then pick one of the four areas you identified, and cite one research article—beyond the current assigned readings—that expands the topic. Summarize this research article in comparison to the assigned readings.

They require thorough answers on the topic and “at least one peer-reviewed scholarly journal article, preferably a research article”.



Use your textbook and the Internet to complete the following:

  • In your LeVay and Baldwin text, Human Sexuality:
    • Read Chapter 9, “Sexual Behavior,” pages 251–278
    • Read Chapter 12, “Contraception and Abortion,” pages 365–388.
    • Read Chapter 19, “Sex as a Commodity,” pages 607–632.
  • Read Coleman’s 2003 article, “Masturbation as a Means of Achieving Sexual Health,” from Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, volume 14, issue 2/3, pages 5–16.