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Select a family whose members are experiencing difficulty due to loss, life stressors and/or change. Write a paper that examined the case situation from a family developmental-system perspective. What changes are needed in the family and why? Why are these changes so difficult? What role(s) do family myths, rituals, and rites of passage (or lack thereof) play in the family situation? How are maturational tasks, both fulfilled and unfilled, related to family member problems in coping? How does the family’s life stage, life style and cultural context impact family members’ coping and adaptation, and attempts to move on? What theoretical frameworks guide your approach to this case? How does it guide your approach to the case? Use the helping process to present your case and develop a contract between you and the family on the goals to be met. Include a genogram and ecomap for this family. Discuss the six core social work values and ethical principles of NASW Code of Ethics. Include in your summary how the five content areas of your MSW degree contributes to your knowledge and skills for providing services to this family.

The following criteria will be used in evaluating your written assignments.
1. Adherence to instructions and originality
2. Commitment to social work values and ethics.
3. Completeness, comprehensiveness, detail, clarity and readability.
4. Organization and style.
5. Adequate documentation.
6. Technical requirement (length, typed, APA guidelines (be careful no plagiarism).
7. Integration of course work (reading assignments), self- reflection, and critical
8. Numbered pages, typewritten and double spaced in standard 11-12 point font.
9. Cover page with title of the paper, your name, course title, professor’s name and
date submitted
10. No fewer than ten references within the last five years.