A letter to the editor – kantian ethics


For this milestone, you will respond to a contemporary moral debate using what you have learned about Kantian ethical principles. First, in small groups you will read and reflect on an assigned article, and you will create a graphic organizer/chart that shows how Kant’s categorical imperative could be applied to the situation described in the article. You will then write a letter to the editor that responds to the article, stating how you either approve or disapprove of it and why. Specifically your assignment should include the following:

1. The chart you created in your small groups (this will be graded as part of your project milestone). Include a one paragraph reflection on how the group process went. 

· Did you feel like everyone contributed equally? 

· Did you feel like you contributed equally? 

· Did you feel like there was a cohesiveness amongst group members? Why/why not?

2. A letter to the editor in which you: 

A) Summarize what you have learned about the core theories and practices of Kantian moral philosophy. I’m looking for specific points that show you have an understanding of Kant’s basic approach and key terms (moral law, duty, categorical imperative, universality, moral autonomy, etc).

B) Summarize one of the articles you read in class, and explain (specifically) why you support or do not support it. Justify your response by applying what you have learned about Kant to your reading of the article.  Use the chart you created to explain how your interpretation of Kant leads you to agree or to disagree with what you read. Did your mind change over the course of class? Why or why not?

C) Describe what lessons you will take away from thinking about this article in terms of Kant. Be specific about how your future decisions and/or political views will (or will not) be informed by these sorts of ethical considerations and why.  

Be sure to follow the letter format: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/653/01/