Examine the effects on the community that result from a mass murder,

Impact on Community

For this discussion, you will examine the effects on the community that result from a mass murder, or when a serial killer is active.

Since we are looking at the reaction that the killer generates, choose from one of the following killers:

  • David Berkowitz (New York)
  • Wayne Williams (Atlanta)
  • Danny Rolling (Gainesville, Florida)

Review popular news magazines like Time and US News, or newspapers from my local area ( I will send that info with the completed handshake), so that you can put yourself in the position of someone in the community who was living through that time period. For instance, for the Rolling case, look at the Gainesville Sun from that time period; if you choose David Berkowitz, check out the New York Times or NY Post. This will give you a connection to the case you won’t get from a website created long after the fact. Based on your review, discuss the following questions.

  • Describe the effects of the case on the local community. Did local residents change their behavior in any way?
  • Did the police involve the community in the investigation? What other effects on the community might such a case cause?
  • Based on what you have read about your selected killer’s methods, what is his three-part profile? (Motivation, location, organized/disorganized)  Justify your profile.

Must be plagerism free and in apa format and cite references