Here please follow my intrusion to write the essay. 1.please write a


here please follow my intrusion to write the essay.

1.please write a thesis to answer the Question directly in the Introduction paragraph (which is the first paragraph)

2.please write 2 quotes which from each articles in every body paragraph and mark the page number. And every quotes need analysis and please make connections between two quotes.

3. Do not summary the article, write your own ideas and analysis.

4. Every body paragraph needs a topic sentences and analysis.

Question: Kenji Yoshino describes the pressures placed on individuals, and society as a whole, due to the universality of the need to “cover” aspects of one’s identity in order to assimilate into the mainstream. Zadie Smith tells us that she “believe[s] that flexibility of voice leads to a flexibility in all things” (13). Using specific quotations, examples, and details from BOTH texts, write an essay that responds to the following question: How might the choice to cover or not and the choice to be multivocal or not be helpful or problematic in developing one’s personal identity and/or a pluralistic society?

The following questions may be helpful in formulating your argument, or in giving you some ideas about how to approach the essay. You are not required to respond directly to these questions in your essay.

§Yoshino notes that the United States has long been described as a “melting pot.” How is this ideal of assimilation complicated by the notion of covering?

§Are the pressures to cover similar to or different from the pressures to become univocal?

§How are “flexibility of voice” and “speaking simultaneous truths” related concepts in Smith’s article?

§Is there a relationship between pluralism and the ability to be multivocal?

  • Imagine a conversation between Smith and Yoshino. Would they agree with each other’s proposals? What might be an area of disagreement between them?