Crisis management plan | Management homework help


Select a hospitality organization and based on the facts and specific circumstances of the organization write a feasible Hotel Crisis Management Plan that includes at least the following aspects: 



· Risk Analysis (Risk identification or Vulnerabilities)

The development of a Crisis Management Plan should start with an assessment of the potential vulnerabilities, risks, and threats facing a hospitality operator and the evaluation of the crisis preparedness at the corporate, regional or local level.

SWOT (Internal and external landscape) and PESTLE analysis.

· Risk evaluation (qualitative / quantitative)

· Risk treatments (Aceptance. Reduction, Outsourcing, Avoidance)


· Crisis Management Team (CMT)

Members. Who is in the CMT

Role responsibilities description.

Command Centre Location (corporate, regional or local level)

· Contact information

· Crisis Management Activation

When do you want to activate your Crisis Management Team?

What events at what scale are the triggers?

Who confirms that there is a crisis?

What are the first procedures and the first steps taken?

· Definition of a Crisis

Definition of your crisis level/alert level/escalation level/early warning system.

· Information Handling

• How do you want to collect, evaluate, and report incidents, monitoring of (social) media, prepare reports, support decision making, internally, towards stakeholders?

• Who is responsible? In what form is the information distributed?

• Are there considerations or procedures for handling classified information?

· Crisis communication

How do you want to handle the media?

Who are the spokespersons?

How do you observe media reception and social networks?

Location for press conferences?

Who can help (communication advisors, call centers)?

Appearance of internet presence (black site, creation of FAQ)?

(*) Since communication is a key element in Crisis Management, a separate Crisis Communication Plan addressing these issues should be developed.

· Responses to specific types of emergencies or Special Plans (e.g. Contingency Plans, Evacuation Plans) E.g. for handling of pandemic, storm, strike, dangerous goods incidents, etc. (Summarize at least 1 type of emergency)