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EDUC 305

Teaching tool for philosophy Assignment Instructions


There are multiple educational philosophies that have shaped teaching and learning in various school settings in the past. Several of these philosophies and concomitant theories continue to influence educational practices today. It is important to explore educational philosophy to equip educators with understanding for future experience in a school setting and to discern how educational philosophy aligns with a biblical worldview for practical application.

By constructing a teaching tool for philosophy, based on examination of an assigned educational philosophy, you will discover educational aims as well as theoretical assumptions that are nestled within an educational philosophy. Furthermore, you will critically comprehend how viewpoints related to metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic guide application of the philosophy in particular school settings. Finally, the teaching tool will assist you to analyze correspondence between personal beliefs and values and the assigned educational philosophy.


You will choose a specific educational philosophy and become familiar with it. You must choose one of the seven designated educational philosophies listed below.

1. Behaviorism

2. Essentialism

3. Existentialism

4. Perennialism

5. Progressivism

6. Reconstructionism

7. Scholasticism

Before creating your teaching tool for philosophy, become familiar with your chosen educational philosophy by:

· Reading your textbook

· Visiting several websites on the topic

· Checking sources from the library

Suggestions for teaching tools:

· Create a handout

· Create a newsletter

· Create an outline

· Develop a glossary

· Develop a mnemonic device

· Develop a PowerPoint presentation

The teaching tool should consist of the following information:

· The name of your chosen educational philosophy.

· Provide a succinct definition of the chosen educational philosophy.

· Include a brief history related to the educational philosophy.

· Mention key individual/s associated with the educational philosophy.

· Analyze elements related to the educational philosophy (i.e. metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic)

· Compare and contrast the educational philosophy with a biblical worldview based on the Judeo-Christian Bible.

· Include at least three citations from three different scholarly sources in addition to the Bible in the teaching tool. Note that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source.

· Include an APA title page and reference page with the submission.

This assignment should be formatted based upon current APA requirements which pertain, especially to formatting of citations and references. Check the spelling of names and terms and check sentence grammar and clarity and the flow of ideas throughout the teaching tool.

Note: After this assignment has been submitted and graded, you will share it with your peers in
Discussion: Sharing Your Teaching Tool for Philosophy in Module 3: Week 3.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.