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This is a graded discussion: 100 points possible

You will begin this Discussion by identifying a practice issue that will be your frame of reference as you analyze the theoretical basis of nursing practice. Be aware that your choice can potentially carry through the course, as you will continue to address this issue in the context of other types of theories in Week 3. This practice issue can also be one focus of your Module 3 exploration of evidence-based practice and quality improvement, and your Module 4 investigation of a critical practice question. Consequently, as you prepare for this Discussion, think carefully about your example for connecting middle range nursing theories to patient care.


· Analyze your nursing practice for issues of particular interest or concern to you or your organization. Identify one issue as the focus of your application of theory to practice.

· Review the Week 2 Learning Resources to identify specific middle range theories that may apply to your practice issue.

· Choose at least two middle range theories that might be most relevant and valuable in addressing your practice issue.

· Search the Walden Library for scholarly articles that address application of middle range theories to practice issues.

· Consider how to frame your focus practice issue in terms of the middle range theories that you have selected.

With these thoughts in mind …

Post an explanation of your practice issue. Then, describe two middle range theories that are most valuable in addressing this issue and explain why. Be specific and provide examples.