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Sphe314 | Science homework help

  Assignment Instructions For this assignment, you are to write a detailed essay in third person voice that at a minimum is at least five pages in length (not including cover page or reference page) and must be in APA format. To learn about third person, see the link on the topic under this week’s […]

Lesson plan vr | Education homework help

Teacher candidate will teach one explicit instruction lesson in ELA to support the use of assessment data to improve student outcomes. Students will choose the following standards to create their explicit instruction lesson plan to a 3rd or 6th grade class. CCR.SL.1: Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with […]

1. in this assignment, you need to work on the fourth amendment.

  1.  In this assignment, you need to work on the Fourth Amendment. Before starting on the assignment, make sure that you  and understand the nature/features of this amendment related to privacy. The Fourth Amendment safeguards against unreasonable searches and seizures. However, there are certain exceptions to the Warrant Requirement of the Fourth Amendment that have […]

Who can do discussion post in 7 hours?

I WILL NEED POST BACK TODAY BY 5PM !!!!! IF YOU CAN NOT DO SO DO NOT SEND NO BID!!!  PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING :  What is the marketing mix? Discuss how conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis helps a firm to develop its strategic plan. Think of a recent trip to the […]

Digital media & society cmst 301 – final exam | CMST 301

  Rubric Name: Final Exam Grading Rubric CriteriaExcellentGoodFairNeeds WorkNot MetQuestion 125 points Thorough analysis and response to Question.  Content must be comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive.  Used data from a minimum of two scholarly sources to support statements and drew thorough and convincing conclusions from the data. Length or essay is at least 500 words Paper must follow APA […]

Week 1 – assignment | Human Resource Management homework help

  Health Information System Case Selection and Proposal Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 1 through 3 from the Wager, Lee, & Glaser (2017) text, the article by Hemmat, Ayatollahi, Maleki, & Saghafi (2017), and Quality Improvement Student Project Proposal (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. For this assignment, you […]

Hrmd651 discussion 7 | Human Resource Management homework help

 In their textbook, Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices, Blanchard and Thacker (2013) state that on-the-job training is “the most frequently used training method . . .OJT is the preferred method for training employees for new technology and increasing skills in the use of existing technology” (p. 225).   Blanchard and Simmering (n. d.) make the same […]

persuasive essay 1350 words (due in 8 hrs)

You are to complete a persuasive essay on the topic on the outline. There was previous research paper that was done on the topic. You can use the same sources but the persuasive has to be on the research topic and according to the outline. Due in 8 hours. Don’t apply if you cant get […]

For phyllis young only professional experience #3

  Professional Experience #3 Due at the end of Week 5 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved, documented exception is provided). *In the workplace, incomplete work is not accepted. The professional experience assignments are designed to help prepare you for that environment. To earn credit, make sure you complete all elements and follow […]