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Historical interpretations of past and present

This assignment is a continuation of the past history assignments posted  Attached will be the instructions for the assignment and the template required to complete the assignment. Any sources used must be cited in APA format Password for template will be provided after accepting bid

Cornell note for chapter 1

 At the top of the Cornell Notes you must include: your name,the Cornell Notes number, the chapter title and page number of the assignedreading as required and as demonstrated in the Cornell Notes template in the“Getting Started” section of Canvas.  There must be a space between each linelinking the “Main Idea” with the “Notes” – […]

Asc codification assignment | Accounting homework help

   Codification Exercise: Fair Value Measurements Instructions: Go to Topic 820 in the Codification. Click on Subtopic 820. Answer the following questions. Include ASC citations were applicable. Use this webseit: https://asc.fasb.org/1943274/2147481910 ( check I am not a robot, and then Access the Basic View) 1. What is the definition of fair value? 2. The definition […]

The occurrence of sexual abuse among homeless adolescents part 2 | research | Mercer University–Cecil B. Day Campus

The purpose of an article critique is to provide students an opportunity to conduct a thorough review of an empirical article related to the topic identified in the Topic Selection assignment (such as the occurrence of sexual abuse among homeless adolescents).  Select two empirical articles (one quantitative & one qualitative) from one or more professional […]

3200 cj mod 3 case

INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHED    Case Study # 1 You are being given a printed copy of background and case study information on Ted Bundy. Please read through the materials provided and then respond to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Your responses should be typed in 12 point font and double spaced. Please […]

Digital and social media strategies presentation | MKT/574 | University of Phoenix

Many digital and social media sites are widely used in marketing strategies. Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker’s notes and visuals elements. Complete the following in your presentation: Identify a company that could benefit from better use of social media. Analyze at least 10 digital and social media channels and describe the […]

Correctional 6.1 | Criminal homework help

 Contraband is nonpermissible items that are forbidden from entering correctional facilities. All prisons have a specific list of designated contraband items, and it varies by state. Correctional Administrators must recognize that there are various approaches to prevent and control contraband in prisons. Discuss what tactics you would use to minimize and control contraband from being […]

Assessment experience | Education homework help

  Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following:  Share an experience that you have had with assessment, either as a student or as an educator. Describe how the experience made you feel. Consider both positive and negative emotions.  Explain how that experience reflects something you learned in this week’s readings.